2017 / Shenzhen, China / OMA.

Shenzhen Stock challenges traditional podium-tower typologies.  It seems that would make sense, to allocate most of the rentable space in the first levels, also structurally, it appears reasonable to have a regular structure utilizing most of the ground level available. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange does nothing but the opposite: lifting a 3 stories podium creates an exuberant covered open space at ground floor. 

This type of structural extravaganza is a one of a kind experience, what it's meant to be public space under the Stock offices; visually integrating a 254m building with the immediate entourage. Open in its nature the vast and high area under the podium feels over-monitored, probably given the nature of the programme and the vigilant building management. 

The Stock Exchange can be understood as an archetype of contradictions and challenges to traditional typologies and conflicting uses of public space, where the massing of the building invites for user appropriation but the high profile programme of the construction and the apprehensive nature of the management don't really encourage the exploitation of the great possibilities that this public space has to offer to the city.

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